What I wrote asking financial aid regarding Machine Learning course in Coursera!!

Q: Please describe your financial need and explain the specific circumstances that motivate your request for financial aid. (50-300 words)

Answer: I’m an undergraduate student from Bangladesh and want to learn Machine Learning. I think it will be beneficial for my thesis work. But I’ve no job of my own to carry the expanses to pay for the certificate of this course. I earn money by teaching students in various institutions. As a matter of fact it is a part time earning. In this circumstance, it is very much difficult for me to gather such amount of money for the certificate. So I’m badly in need of this financial aid.

Q: Please tell us why you are taking this course. What is your interest in this field? How would a Course Certificate be valuable to you? (50-300 words)

Answer: I’m taking this course for my thesis work actually. My thesis field is on—“Semantic Parsing in Natural Language Processing in a view of Machine Learning Approach”. In graduate research level, this certificate will be valuable in my higher study education regarding in this field and I want to continue my research in Machine Learning field in future.

Q: When participating in this course, how do you intend to demonstrate academic integrity and contribute to the course’s community? (50-300 words)

Answer: I’ll keep track in this field and try to make some contribution in Machine Learning. I’m studying in Computer Science field and I also want to continue my education in Machine Learning in graduate level. I interested in keep contact with this community and want to make contribution along with them.